A lot of individuals are more concerned with how their car appears from the outside more than the inside. Most people seem to worry about a spotless shine on their vehicle paint rather than clean car seats or a dust-free dashboard. To be sincere, it is a lot easier to drive your vehicle through an automatic car wash than to put extra effort and time to clean the interior of the car. With that said it is also imperative that you ensure your car interior is clean because it also deserves the same attention and care as the interior. By utilizing the following easy tips, you can ensure that both the inside and outside of your car is clean and spotless:

Clean the glass of your vehicle

This is an essential and easy job to do, and it takes very little time. You can do this task by using any household glass cleaner along with a microfiber cloth for your windows and windshield. So as to avoid spilling the cleaner onto the surface of your vehicle, make sure that you spray the cleaner right onto the cloth instead of trying to aim at the glass of the car.

Clean the carpet

Usually, this needs some specialized attention. Over time your car carpet goes through some abuse, either from things like dirt, water, snow, road salt and a lot more. This leads to the formation of discoloration and stains. The first thing to do is to use a vacuum off any loose dirt and debris on the carpet. If you have not had your carpets cleaned for an extended period ensure that you look for professional services. Their specialized equipment will get rid of tough stains and all the dirt that has been collected over the years.

Clean the seats

If your car has fabric seats, make use of a spray-on cleaner and a bristle brush to make the seats clean. On the other hand, if your car has leather seats it is advisable to exercise more care. Do not use harsh chemical soaps and detergents when cleaning leather seats as it can eliminate its natural oils that maintain its softness and also prevents it from cracking.

Take care of the vinyl and plastic parts

ytgyugnkjWhen cleaning the vinyl and plastic components of your car interior ensure that you pick out a product that is silicon-free. Though silicone goes a long way in making your dashboard appear shiny after it has been applied, on the downside, it can react with vinyl, and it can hasten its decomposition when in contact with the sun.